Memorial Day

We’re having a Memorial Day Sale. Enjoy 20% off of these spools: All PETG is on sale! If you have never printed with PETG, now is a great time to try! PETG prints really well on new-gen printers such as the Bambu Lab X1X/P1P with a shiny surface even when printing at high speeds. PETG has higher impact resistance than PLA. It holds up better over time and won’t deform in a hot car. All Mixers are on sale! This is also a great time to try our mixers. Mixers are co-extrusions, two different colors one on each side. What makes mixers unique is that unlike most co-extrusions they are not silks. While co-extrusion silks are brittle and often leave a stripy effect - Cookiecad mixers are strong and mix nicely, creating a soft gradient between the colors. A selection of sparkles! Funfetti, Elixir Witches Blue, Elixir Pixie Dust and Star Dust! Use code MEMORIAL24 for 20% off these 1kg spools

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